Thursday, May 21, 2009


I am happy to report all the purple carpet has left my house! Yesterday we started the new flooring. It looks fantastic! I am amazed at how much they have gotten done in a day and a hafe. As of right now they only have the family room left down stairs. We still have to start the upstairs but still for just two guys they are getting a lot done. I cant wait to show it off on Saturday. All you in VA come see. lol

Westin Oliver has been eating more table food over the pass few days and pulling up on the basket and tables and marching in place! He is getting so big. Him and Kylan both are going to the gym ( a kids play gym) tomorrow night so that Ry and I can go on our first date night since westin has been born! I am super excited. Already trying to figure out what to wear. I know ridiculous but i want to look good! lol I will post some new pics of the boys and floor tomorrow. still trying to figure this blog thing out. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big News For Westin Oliver!

We woke up on friday morning to find something white in westin's mouth. He got his first tooth!!! YEA! After so much teething and drooling it has finally cut! the second one isnt far behind. '

This weekend we got to see some old friends we havent seen since EOD school, which was so much fun. thier oldest daughter isabella had her 3rd brithday. The kids had so much fun together and we cant wait to drive up there again. They had the biggest bounce house i have ever seen. it toke up their whole back yard, had slides, stairs, jumping, and much more. It was ridiculous but tons of fun. I think steve and ryan had the most fun of all in though. :) They also have a son that is westin's age too. It was a perfect day away. Today we (as in ryan) decied to put up the new ceiling fans. o my it has been crazy. Th formal living one went up fine. Then we got to the one in the family room.... in the family room there is already a dimmer/speed control for the light and fan. After doing a millon differnt configuratoins with the wiring to figure out how to get the dimmer to work with the new ceiling fan. We thought we had it and turned on the switch and "POP" the fuse bust! AHGGG so needless to say we spent hafe the day at home depot because of coruse they dont carry the one we hae anymore, tring to figure out which one to get in replacement. Picked out one then moved to flooring ask a question... As ya'll know we havent been able to figure anything out with the flooring because of not being able to find the smae wood we already have to match the other rooms, so we had decied to ripe everything up and start new. Well, we go over to look at more wood and find OUR flooring! we looked many times and never saw it. And of course they arent carring it anymore and they only had one box left. so sad. sigh....

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a fabulous week. I will put up pics of westin's tooth and of the weekend tomorrow. Hopefully wesitn will decied to open long enouhg for a pic in the morning. Off to pop popcorn and watch a movie with my lover boy. :) Good Night

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hello All!

i promise to start working on this more! With the new house and everything eles it is the last thing on my list, but this morning i actually have 10 mins to work on the blog.

Mr. Westin Oliver thinks he is some big kid who can just crawl around and pull up whenever he wants! He has been crawling now for about a week and a hafe and started pulling up a few days ago. he favorite thing is to sit in the hamper and pull up on the sides. Still waiting for those teeth to come in but even with out them he is eating his food and sleeping through the night! It is so awesome both of them sleeping all night long. I had almost forgotten what it was like to get a full nights sleep.

Kylan is all boy! Any chance he gets he wants to be outside either in the dirt or skateboarding. He is actually getting really good at it. He can ride it down the street and pop up on one end and balance, he is prob the next tony hawk! He has also gotten his new big boy bed complete with pirate bedroom decor! It is super cute, totally kylan.

Besides the boys growing up way to fast life has been pretty normal. Just working on house stuff... painting , yard work, ect. Ry got me for mother's day a new weed whacker with attchments! Silly i knwo but i love it. Since he has already been gone for 3 weeks then home for about 2 days and is gone again until thrusday night, i will be doing all the yard work! I have found a play gorup that i LOVE it has fabulous woman and great kids. We are still tring to find a church that fits us, but i am not giving up hope. My mom came up for a visist last week, it was so nice. cant wait to see everyone. Here are a few new pics of the boys from the past few weeks.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


We have added two new family members. Ninja a fish and Achilles a ferret. Kylan named the fish and Ryan named the ferret. So now i am surrounded by all boys! Lord help me! Kylan is doing great and Westin is busy being HUGE.

isn't he pretty!

he is our couch potato!

So smart!

Check out all those rolls!

o and we got the house!!!!

Family Fun

yesterday we went to Virginia aquarium and had so much fun! If any of you ever visit VA i highly suggest it. It is 2 buildings which you can walk back and forth from. the walk between is a nautre trail with things to do as well. Kylan loved looking at the fish and animals. He's favorite were the sharks. Westin we a fan of the turtles.

Ry touched the rays!

No mr shark. i will eat you!


The trail. It was Fabulous!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Our first weekend in VA was fabulous! We spent the whole weekend at the beach with our close friends Maggie, Tom, and Thomas Radich. The weather was beautiful. Thomas and Kylan we sooooo excited to see each other. Ryan and Tom got them water guns and some other toys so they never wanted to stop playing.

After a awesome weekend with our friends, monday morning was back to reailty and we hit the ground running looking for a house. It ended up begin harder than we thought. But after looking at 34 houses ( yes, you read right 34!). We found the perfect one. We put in our offer tonight and it will go to the bank first thing in the morning. So now we get to sit a wait for the bank to call back. Cross your fingers we get it!

I will keep everyone posted on how it goes. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

Monday, March 2, 2009

almost there

we had our express pack out today. went fine, we are just hoping we dont go over our weight limit. seeing how we can only have 2 suitcases each, which has been quite tough. it is amazing how much we are going to need for the next month-month and a hafe till we get our stuff. especially little man! kylan was so funny this morning, he came down stairs and all the toys (except ones going on the plane) were packed and he said "oh no eynore, now all my toys are in america!". it was so cute we check into TLA- hotel tomorrow morning and will be there till friday morning when we leave, we ship the car wed (pray it gets to us early). so we are alomst there! we hope to see everyone soon after we move into the house.